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Silver Diamine Fluoride

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Silver diamine fluoride (SDF):

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) is an antibacterial liquid. The silver acts as an antibmicrobial. The fluoride promotes remineralization and the ammonial stabilizes high concentrations in solution. In August 2014, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared the first silver diamine fluoride product for use.

  • Provides immediate relief from dentinal hypersensitivity.
  • Kills pathogenic organisms.
  • Hardens softened dentin making it more acid and abrasion resistant.
  • Does not stain sound dentin or enamel.
  • Can provide important clinical feedback due to staining visible cavities or hidden cavities black permanently

Advantage for using SDF:

  • Severe early childhood cavities that is difficult to treat due to the child's young age.
  • Treatment challenged by behavioral or medical management.
  • Patients with cavities that may not all be treated in one visit.
  • Alternative to doing restorations.
  • Re-application is usually recommended, biannually until the cavity is restored or arrested or the tooth exfoliates.
  • A control restoration may be considered after SDF treatment.

Contraindication for the use of SDF:

  •  Patient has allergy to silver or fluoride.
  • There are painful sores or raw areas on gums (i.e. ulcerative gingivitis or stomatitis).

TOP PHOTO: Severe early childhood cavities prior to treatment involving upper incisors.

BOTTOM PHOTO: The appearance of cavities after treatment with silver diamine fluoride.

(Demonstrated and photos by International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 2018)